1. Machine built on 35mm thickness steel side plates for smooth running at higher speed.
  2. All rollers and shafts hard chrome plated.


  1. Precise and smooth operation.
  2. Equipped with vacuum suction kick feeding system, ensure curved board can be fed smoothly, and also with air adjusting volume function.
  3. Heavy duty Cast Steel feeding tracks for smooth functioning of kick feed system.


  1. The Print Units are detachable with motorized movement.
  2. Using Bottom printing system to allow Top Fold at the folder gluer. Top Printing system is also available for printer slotter machines.
  3. The print running register is controlled by 360 degree circumferential movement on Push Button.
  4. Plate mounting system on the print cylinders with one sided ratchet grip for holding the plate. Plate thickness upto 4mm.
  5. The Anilox & Rubber roller assembly moves up and down on pneumatic setting. This helps in quick disengagement of Anilox roller from the print roller, when the printing is not required. Precise Anilox and rubber roller with micro adjustment of pressure to ensure good quality printing.
  6. Rubber Roller with AUTO IDLE system to prevent ink from drying on the roller when the machine is stopped.
  7. The Ink circulation system is automatic for a consistent viscosity of ink, by using diaphragm air pumps.


  1. The Upper Slotter roller has a 360 degree circumferential movement for running register control operated by push button.
  2. Unit Movement is motorized.
  3. 4 sets of Slotting Heads and 4 sets of Creasing Heads.
  4. SHIFTING of upper and lower slotting heads along with creasing heads is done by push button.
  5. Slot Depth/ Box Height setting on all the slotting heads is done in a single operation with the help of the adjustment shaft passing through each slotting head.
  6. Side Trim/ slot scrap removing belt with inline folder gluer machine.


1.      With a Unique model of folder gluer, we offer a top folding method while maintaining the square folded boxes running at variable speeds.

2.      Up folding with extended folding length to eliminate fish tailing.

3.      Separate operator control station.

4.      The movement of FOLDING ARMS is motorized and can be adjusted according to the size of box to allow a gradual unforced fold.

5.      Adapted high friction conveyer belt on upper and lower folding belts. Press down style through belts.

6.      The upper and lower belts work synchronously for correct output

7.      Glue application on flap by easy to operate wheel applicator.

8.      Top/ Bottom loading squaring hopper ensure accurate bundle count.

9.      The box is SQUARED upon coming out from the folding belts and then counted and ejected in the forms of bundles of required quantity.

10.  Available in 2 stage design for smooth operation.

11.  Hold Down wheel for bundle compression

12.  Counting and feeding out system adopted through high friction belts.